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Kethran Rosalie
Bendonichi Chilli Bean & Bendonichi Bingo
Montollie Chiquita Pregnant
Montollie Spice Lord AKA Teako owned by Clare. Lovely little boy!!!
Montollie Angelinajolie aka Nina
Bingo at Albury Show won Best Baby Puppy Smoothcoat 8/8/09 & 9/8/09
Rosalie at Albury Show
Chilli Bean at Albury Show
Nina at Albury Show won Challenge Longcoat 8/8/09 & 9/8/09
Kethran Bibi
Kethran Bibi
Rosalie in training!!!
Bibi in Training!!!
Bibi in Training!!!
Montollie Chiquita
The Whole Gang - Matilda, Rosalie, Nina, Chilli, Bibi & Chiquita
Nina at Seymour Show (4/10/09)when she got the Challenge, way to go!!!
Rosalie at Seymour Show 4/10/09.
Rosalie at Seymour Show 4/10/09.
Bibi at Seymour Show 4/10/09 where she won Best Baby Puppy Chi.
Bibi at Seymour Show where she won Best Baby Puppy Chi.
Braperemi Candy Man Can AKA Alvin
Little Alvin
28/11/2009 - Bibi won Best Baby Puppy In Group at Wodonga Kennel Club Show
Australian Champion Nina, can't believe it, finally got her title today!!!
Bibi 3/1/2010 at Maldon Historic Dog Show in Kyneton
Won Best Minor Puppy Group 1
Little Alvin and My Champ Nina
Little Topdeck at 4 weeks of age, what a cutie!!!!
What a cutie at 5 weeks of age - "Cadbury"
Topdeck & Cadbury's first day outside!!!!
Topdeck with Nina!!!!
Cadbury in the flower pot!!!!
Cadbury & Topdeck at Yea 16/2/2010, what a pair of cuties!!!!
My cute little Cadbury!!!!
Brapameri Candy Man Can aka Alvin at Euroa Show 9th May 2010.
Bendonichi Snowball aka Topsy Turvy at Euroa Show 9th May 2010.
Kethran Rosalie aka Rosalina at Euroa Show 9th May 2010.
Ebchi Kimba Joy AKA Lola owned by Clare (beautiful little girl)
Heatheron Hugo AKA Luis - Clare's first beautiful chi
My lovely Cadbury
Adopted and living in
Little Bendonichi Shiloh, what a little sweetie!!!
Bendonichi Maddox, what a spunk of a little boy!!!
Bendonichi Zahara, what a little cutie!!!
Adopted by Clare
Maddox at his first day at a Show in Kyneton 26th Sept 2010
Shiloh at her first day at a Show in Kyneton 26th Sept 2010
Shiloh n Maddox 15th Oct 2010
Darling little Shiloh
Adopted by Nanette & Mal
Sweet little Maddox
Adopted by Mel & Cliff
Sweet Little Alvin
Adopted by Kelli & Peter Qld
Bendonichi Snowball
aka Topsy at Seymour Show
15th May 2011
Bendonichi Snowball
aka Topsy at Seymour
15th May 2011
Rosalie & Chilli Bean
Adopted by Barbara
Montollie Shiver of Gold
aka Snoopy
Montollie Isabella
aka Billie
Bendonichi Pedro
Adopted by Irene
& Michael
Bendonichi Neptune
Adopted by Elyse
Bendonichi Cuddlepie
Adopted by Daniela & Dale
Bendonichi Mr. Philly
Adopted by Daniela & Dale
Aust. Ch. Kethran Bibi
Adopted by Sandi
Mt. Martha
Montollie Fabio
AKA Pluto
Bendonichi Saturn
Bendonichi Jupiter
Bendonichi Nutmeg n Cream
Adopted by Cherie
Bendonichi Rocket n Peppa
Adopted by Irene & Michael and a brother for Bendonichi Pedro
Bendonichi Ginger Spice

Aust. Ch. Bendonichi Snowball aka Topsy Adopted By
Lesley Kilmore
Aust. Ch. Montollie Angelinajolie aka Nina
Adopted by Brenda & Paul
Bendonichi Morus Mexicana
AKA Phoenix
Adopted by Zehra
Turbotails Excalibur
AKA Scully Adopted By Sandra
Prahran, Victoria
Bendonichi Zahara
aka Abbey
Adopted by Bethany
Montollie Isabelle
aka Billie
Adopted by Val & Max

Bendonichi Leelu
Adopted by Conny
Mount Isa
Bendonichi Fuchsia Mexicana
Adopted by Jimmy and Family
Bendonichi Gustavia Mexicana
Adopted by Bethany
Bendonichi Neillia Mexicana
Adopted by Lianna
Bendonichi Juniper Mexicana
Adopted by Sue
Bendonichi Sambucus Mexicana
Adopted by Maika
Bendonichi Rhus Mexicana
Adopted by
Margot Clancy
Caulfield North
Bendonichi Jesse Mexicana
Adopted by Matilda & John
Chirnside Park
Bendonichi Skyler Mexicana
Adopted By
Hayley & Mark
Geelong Area
Bendonichi Jaxson Mexicana
Adopted by Barbara
Bendonichi Idesia Mexicana
Adopted by Conny
Mt. Isa
(going to live with Leelu)
Bendonichi Saturn
Adopted by Debbie
Bendonichi Posh Spice
Call name Verity
Adopted by Monique
Sandy Bay, Tasmania
Australian Champion
Bendonichi Ginger Spice
Adopted by
Mylinda, Grafton, NSW
Australian Champion
Bendonichi Flindersia Mexicana
Adopted by Jan
Mt. Beauty
Montollie Frederica
Adopted by Cherry and Bill
Morwell, Vic
Bendonichi Walter Mexicana
Adopted by Matilda and John Ringwood, brother to Jesse
Bendonichi Clarke Gable
Adopted by Hayley & Mark
Brother to Bendonichi Skyler Mexicana
Geelong Area
Cairford Party Crasher
Adopted by Sonia and Alden
Teddee's Mighty Luckee Star (Imp NZ)
Adopted by Sonia and Alden
Montollie Prim and Proper
Adopted by Lyn and Ken
Aust Champ Bendonichi Erica Mexicana
Adopted by Maureen
Bendonichi Jean Harlow
Adopted by Brenda & Paul
A buddy for Nina
Bendonichi Jack O Diamonds
Adopted by Grace
Hadfield, Victoria
Bendonichi Dimestore Diamonds (Didi)
Adopted by Monique
Hobart, Tas
Montollie Plutos Pearl
Adopted by Cher
Rosebud, Vic
Bendonichi Diamond Girl
Adopted by Chris
South Australia
Bendonichi Naughty Marietta
Adopted by Elizabeth
Balwyn North, Vic
Bendonichi Scout Finch
(Call name Gracie)
Adopted by Rosemary
Bendonichi Davey Crockett
Adopted by Trent
Lakes entrance
Bendonichi Harry Potter
Adopted by Nicole
Montollie Boo Radley
Adopted by Karen,
Langwarren, Victoria
Bendonichi Rhett Butler
Adopted by Trent
Lakes Entrance
Playmate for Davey
Bendonichi Scarlet Ohara
Adopted by Kate and Duncan
Aust Ch Montollie Cotton Candy
Adopted by Andrea
Donvale, Vic
Playmate for Pauly
Bendonichi Candy Man Can Do
Call name Danny
Adopted by Makayla
Bendonichi Indiana Jones
Adopted by
Claude & Cheryl
Bendonichi Pistol Pete
Adopted as a show dog
By Cathy
Hoppers Crossing
Bendonichi Ned Flanders
Adopted by
Bling - Ch Teddee's Magnificent Bling
Adopted by Joy
Beechworth, Vic
Pluto - Aust Grand Ch Montollie Fabio
Adopted by Elly
Werribee, Vic
Harper -
Bendonichi Harper Lee
Adopted by Karen
Bendigo, Vic
Marlon - Au Ch Bendonichi Marlon Brando
Adopted by Cheryl & Peter
New Zealand
Aust Ch Bendonichi Maeve Binchy
Adopted by Kahlie
Lancefield, Vic
Aust Ch Bendonichi
Rory Calhourn
Adopted by
Pat and John
Bendonichi Lee Childs
Adopted by Beth
Bendonichi Friday Thirteenth
Adopted by Jess
Point Cook


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